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Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer
It’d be my honor to have you as a member and student in my private classroom, and show you step-by-step how to create awesome sounding tracks – without the need to have external gear. Grab your 100% Risk-Free Trial here, and I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

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Our professional hybrid mastering service using analog and digital gear, costs normally $85 for our clients. But you have special access and get 80% OFF FOR ALL YOUR TRACKS as long as you are a member of our community. Get Real Human mastering using pro gear for only $17, costs even less than ``automatic`` mastering. You can't get this special offer anywhere else on planet earth.
Stuck during mixing? Don't know what's going wrong in your mix? Need advice to improve your mix and get a better bass, kick, snare, hats (etc..) sound? Stop going crazy and let us guide you to get the sound you need. Upload your mix to our ``Rate My Mix`` forum and let's team up to help you achieve commercial sounding mixes.
IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR CHOICE OF RECORDING SOFTWARE IS... EVERYTHING WORKS. We're going to show you the concept and you'll be able to use it everywhere, the 1 and only difference of the DAWs will be the shortcuts used. The ideas and info you'll see work for every single DAW out there and for every single processor or effect. It does not matter if you're using cubase, pro tools, reaper, ableton live, studio one, logic pro or FL studio. These concepts and membership work for all DAWs and every single plugin, including stock ones.

What My Students & Clients Say

As a record label, having a mixing & mastering engineer is crucial to our business. We’ve found Paschalis on facebook and we thought to give a try to his skills. We signed him up immediately. In 2018, we updated our contract for 5 more years as our exclusive mixing & mastering engineer. He knows his craft and our sales prove it.

Record LabelSenpai Records

I have been a student of Paschalis & his assistants and have found them to be both professional and surprisingly affordable. This community and his owners are the perfect example that price is not equivalent to quality. I have stopped a $129 subscription of mine to continue my $19 membership with this community instead. The value for money ratio is something you won’t find anywhere else.  I’m so excited and thankful for this.

EDM Producer, Rock – Metal Producer, Sound DesignerChad

I’d used to pay around $300 per month for my music production education in the state where I live, until I saw an ad which gave me a full membership trial for just $1 and home recording coaching (as the ad claimed). I said to myself “what i’ve got to lose? If I don’t like what I see then I can cancel my paypal subscription anytime” so I got my trial. Once I got access with all the information in the private forum, including mixing & mastering tutorials, sample packs, presets, 1080p videos and access to the “Rate My Mix” forum, I felt like I was “stealing” those people. They literally take you by the hand and help you materialize the sound you’ve got in your mind. I wish I’d known you sooner, thank you for spreading your professional experience for a price cheaper than a meal.

Rap Vocalist, BassistDrake MC

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Here's a sneak peak of thePrivate Lessons Included

Let us show you how you can create commercial sounding tracks with the least budget needed. Stop spending your money on gear you don't really need to own.
Create professional sounding recordings using only your computer and VST plugins. Get access to 37+ Lessons in total (more being added each month). We'll be here to assist you on each step of yours to achieve the sound you wish.
With our Full HD videos you'll feel like you're sitting next to us. All of our lessons are created with high quality audio & video to be able to really hear each minor difference when using audio plugins. Join our community and enjoy all your benefits right away.
Get all the lessons about the techniques needed from the recording stage of a track (using a microphone or MIDI programming), to mixing & mastering and finalizing the track to WAV, FLAC or MP3 format.
Have my audio engineering school years been invested or wasted? Should you keep your money? My personal opinion about this matter with lots of experience behind it.
What compression really is in simple words and how to use it properly? Should you use compression before or after EQ? Why are there many types of compressors and when to use each one? Get all the answers you seek.
Learn the differences between each and every microphone type, in simple words. Do you really need all types? Does price matter in microphones? Can you use a dynamic microphone for the purposes of a condenser one?
We've split the most critical audio frequencies in parts which you ought to know. Stop going nuts and allow yourself to get the info that you really need to know.
Every audio engineer and music producer must know this popular vocal chain. It takes only 10 minutes to implement and improves your vocal sound dramatically.

F . A . QFrequently Asked Questions

Of course. You can cancel anytime by logging in to your paypal account. You won't even have to contact us for cancellation. Everything can be done instantly via your paypal dashboard in a couple of clicks.
No. If you act quickly and grab the discount at $19/mo, then you will LOCK THE PRICE at $19 each and every month, instead of $49 per month. Which means you get a 60% OFF discount FOREVER, not just for a month.
The ideas and info you’ll see work for every single DAW out there and for every single processor or effect. It does not matter if you’re using cubase, pro tools, reaper, ableton live, studio one, logic pro or FL studio. These concepts and membership work for all DAWs and every single plugin, including stock ones.
Short answer: It does not matter, all genres are welcome. If you know how to mix, let's say, vocals in one genre, then you'll be able to EQ and Compress vocals in all genres. It's the idea behind what you're doing and once you get to know what you're doing, then you'll see that genres play no role. This is true for all instruments and not only vocals, we mentioned vocals as an example.

I get great reactions when publishers, labels and everyday people hear the finished product. Thank you Paschalis for your guidance & tips.

Mick, Audio Engineer, Vocalist

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